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Outlaw Star, The Space Ara


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Name: Melifina
Age: 17
Sex: android (female)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 132 lb.
Blood type: ?

Oh are dear Melifina, or in other words 'the chick in the box.' Melifina is the thing you need to run the Outlaw Star. Yep shes an android, alot differnt from Android 18 off of Dragon Ball Z!!!! ^_^

Melfina is a very sophisticated female android with a mysterious past. Endowed with human emotions and a thoughtful sensitivity, Melfina is genuinely curious about her origins. Melfina grows particularly fond of Gene after he agrees to help discover why she was created. When Gene and Jim first meet Melfina, she has been kidnapped by Hilda and is literally stuffed inside a small metal briefcase. With a crew of nasty space pirates hot on her synthetic heels, it is clear that Melfina is considered quite valuable. However, it will be up to Gene and Jim to learn Melfina's true significance.


ChIcK iN tHe BoX pAgE