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Outlaw Star, The Space Ara
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Episode Guide

Julie's Outlaw Star Site/Page

All Episodes up to 15, are writtin by Julie From Julie's Outlaw Star Site, The link is above.

Episode 1
"Outlaw Star"

Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking run their own bounty-hunter/odd job type business in a strange futuristic space colony which looks a lot like the old West. Their favorite hangout is a bar owned by Clyde, and Gene likes to hit on the barmaid named Iris.....well, OK, later in the episode it seems he likes to "hit on" (that is to put it politely ^^;) *everyone*... Gene and Jim are hired by a pretty blonde woman who calls herself Rachel to be her bodyguard. Turns out the two eyes and blonde hair were the result of a (darned good) mask, and she's really Hilda the outlaw! She forces Gene and Jim to take her out to find something for her, while they are chased by the Kei pirates (the leader is a little girl with a yin-yang symbol on her garment...). They get there and Hilda shoots Gene, but he lives--though Jim's PDA is destroyed--and pulls a gun on her instead. They find a briefcase, open it, and inside is what seems to be a naked, cryogenically frozen young woman. Or something.

Episode 2
"The Star of Desire"

Gene doesn't really want to take the briefcase, but Hilda figures that if the pirates want it, it must be valuable. They take the case to an old house somewhere, but they're still being chased by the Kei pirates. A nice violent standoff occurs, with Gene shooting a lot, until they wake the girl (Melfina) up. Gene puts his jacket on her (resulting in no more nakedness for a while) and Gene, Jim, Hilda, and Melfina escape to Hilda's ship and fly away to Blue Heaven, a popular hangout for outlaws. They have some scuffles with more bad guys and have to beat them up without using bullets (a bullet would go right through the wall of the outlaw hangout, killing everyone, so firing a gun is a capital offense). Thus, Hilda uses a cool phaser thing, and Gene uses paint bullets.

Episode 3
"Into Burning Space"

Gene and Hilda beat everyone up real good, and they leave Blue Heaven (or whatever it's called) in Hilda's ship. Unfortunately, Gene has a space phobia stemming from childhood (we see lots of flashbacks of his father shoving him into an escape pod to escape a burning ship). He spends most of the episode sitting and turning green while Hilda pilots the ship and Jim shoots missles at enemies. A ship from the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, a powerful race of cat people, insists that Hilda make way for them (although those leaving Blue Heaven have priority over incoming ships, the Ctarl-Ctarl have priority over EVERYONE). Hilda refuses to change course--the Ctarl-Ctarl angrily change course in order to avoid a collison.

Episode 4
"When Hot Ice Melts"

Both pirates and outlaws are chasing Hilda and company. Hilda lands inside an asteroid, where they find one of the best ships in the galaxy which Hilda decides to steal. (It was made from collaborations between the pirates and the government, and, since both groups owe her money, she figures she's entitled to it.) The ship itself can talk, and recognizes that these people aren't its crew, but, as its memory banks aren't working at 100% yet, it inputs our gang as crew members. It asks for a name (Jim suggests 'James Jr.') but before they think of one, they have to try to leave the asteroid, as the enemies are coming inside. Hilda gets in her own ship to serve as decoy (she doesn't want to lose the ship!) while leaving Gene, Jim, and Melfina with the new ship. Jim has to go get the engines going, and Melfina serves as navigator by stripping naked and getting into a clear cylinder of goo. (REALLY.) Gene comments that he's not sure if she needs to be naked for that. Anyway, Gene has the ship open the asteroid's air lock to pull some of the intruders out of the building, all while other bad guys are trying to ram the asteroid into a star. Finally, Gene pilots the ship out of the asteroid. Hilda's ship takes too many hits (especially from the pirates), and falls towards the star; Gene catches it with a rope, but his ship can't pull her ship away from the star's gravitational pull. Gene's ship advises him to let her go. Hilda bids farewell to her ship (it is a VERY strange experience to hear a ship say, "I understand. Sayonara, Hilda."), dons a spacesuit, and attempts to climb the rope from her ship to Gene's. The rope breaks. Gene wants to go after her, but his ship strongly objects, as they wouldn't be able to escape the star's gravity. Gene and company leave Hilda behind. Hilda is drawn to the sun, resigned to her fate of dying violently as an outlaw, but does manage to grab the scary little girl with the yin yang symbol on her clothes and take her down with her. Gene stares in silence for a while, then names the ship Outlaw Star.

Episode 5
"The Beast Girl Ready to Pounce"

The episode begins with a flashback of how Aisha , the catgirl in the series (from the Ctarl-Ctarl) didn't graduate from college with honors, and thus was stationed in space (as a punishment of sorts).

Gene, Jim, and Melfina take the "Outlaw Star" back to Blue Heaven to get it painted, and to get it a registration number, so they can land in legitimate ports. A funny round robot-looking thing and a human say they'll do it for free--they owe Hilda. They ask what Gene's favorite color is, so they can paint the ship. Gene points to his hair. They tell Gene, Jim, and Melfina to come back later.

In a private room, Gene shaves in the bathroom while Jim and Melfina sit on the bed. Melfina is sad, because Hilda saved her, and now she's gone. Jim suggests that Gene isn't sad, but is just mad. Gene replies, "Maybe" to himself.

The gang go outside into the rest of Blue Heaven, which looks like a big mall. Gene doesn't have space phobia in the "Outlaw Star," due to the Physical Navigation System--he just doesn't feel cooped up.

A semi-familiar figure with a tattered cloak asks them where Hilda is, and announces herself as Aisha Clanclan, our resident catgirl.

Gene apologizes for their previous run-in, and then tells her that Hilda's dead, and leaves. Aisha tries to pick a fight with Gene, who refuses on the grounds that he doesn't want to hit a girl. Jim, Gene, and Melfina run away! Aisha kicks Gene in the face and fights him some more; Gene punches her in the face. There's some fighting, then Aisha takes off her cloak angrily. Jim remembers that the Ctarl-Ctarl are metamorphs--they can turn into various animals. Aisha says she can power up with the power of the moon, and Gene notes that Blue Heaven (an artificially constructed space station) doesn't have a moon. They run. Gene tells Jim to find some shells. Gene and Mel lose Aisha. Gene gets faint when he sees the stars outside the window--he falls to the ground, sweating. Melfina takes him to a bench.

Melfina sees artificial flowers nearby--they were made, just like her. Gene touches her face and says he can't tell she's not human, even when he touches her. He pinches her cheeks to demonstrate that she can feel pain. He promises to help her find her identity, and to complete Hilda's mission. He invites Melfina to come with them (it will make navigation easier); she accepts.

Gene calls Jim on his walkie-talkie. Jim is having a hard time finding shells, and Aisha catches up with Gene and Melfina. Gene slashes the catgirl with a big knife, which breaks! Aisha tries to unleash her full beast powers, but fails, having burned too many calories.

Cut to restaurant. Jim and Gene are stunned by how much she can eat. Aisha is stuck at Blue Heaven with a title but no salary. She chugs a bowl of soup meant for four people, and orders more, and chugs that. Finally, she's full.

Gene says that since he bought dinner, they're even, but Aisha is still angry. She says they're under arrest, and if they object--

'You'll turn into that beast again?' is the gist of Jim's response.

Jim gives Gene a #12 shell--Gene shoots Aisha, and she gets fried. Gene and his friends leave. Gene tells the waiter to put everything on Aisha's tab!

The ship is now painted red, and has a registration number. (One of the workers notes that the computer won't shut up--the computer can also tell when it's insulted!) Our heroes find out where the Kei Pirates' territory is. Gene has to go to "Sentinel III" to deal with Fred Luo. Jim whines about this development, and tells Melfina she won't have a problem with him, as she's a girl!

Meanwhile, Aisha is stuck doing dishes, and vows revenge...

. Episode 6
"The Beautiful Assassin"

Gene is crash-landing the Outlaw Star--he hasn't piloted a ship in six years, and his dad never showed him how to do a 'planet fall.' Melfina offers to land, but Gene gets the ship vertical...that's a bad thing. Melfina tells him how to land, and Gene stops the ship right at the very edge of the circular landing pad.

"With this captain's piloting technique, I worry about my future prospects," the ship says.

They get taken to the nearest dock. Gene waits to go see Fred Luo, but also wonders where their car is. (The car's name is Ehefrau--which is German for wife. ^_^; Thanks to my roommate for pointing that out; it went over my head... ^_^;) They take a funny blue car with a fan for an engine (not Ehefrau).

Fred has a house full of weapons--he hugs Gene enthusiastically when they meet, and hugs Jim as well. He says he's looking forward to seeing Jim in two or three years. Jim says he'll be somewhere far away in two or three years. Fred says he'll follow Jim to the ends of the earth... He greets Melfina coolly (she's a girl, remember?).

Gene and Fred talk. Fred blows into Gene's ear, and Gene jumps up and pulls a gun on him.

The Outlaw Star has no weapons or equipment, and Gene wants some. They can't get stuff for Grappler Ships through legitimate routes, but Fred can get the weapons--but he has doubts as to Gene's ability to pay.

The guard tells Gene they don't attack him when he messes with 'the young master' because Fred loves him.

Fred is in his office, with two guards. A lady wearing a red cape and hood comes in. She uses a sword to kill both the guards effortlessly, and takes off her hood. It's Suzuka! (We saw her in the intro to the episode...she's basically a standard ponytailed-headbanded Anime chick in a kimono...with a token mole on her face... ^^;). She says she wants Fred's life, and starts a stopwatch. She says she will give him five minutes to write his goodbyes, and if he doesn't accept that, she'll kill him instantly. Fred realizes this is "Twilight Suzuka." He looks at his swords. He has three minutes left.

Gene comes in. Suzuka aims a blast at him; it breaks the door. Gene shoots, but Suzuka deflects with her 'light shield'--basically a white glowy thing at her wrist/arm. Fred begs Gene to save him. Gene shoots at Suzuka; they stare each other down. Suzuka deflects bullets with her sword, and strikes at Gene, who uses a light shield of his own (seem to be in the cuffs he wears at his wrists) to keep his arm from getting chopped off. Gene drops his cloak and gun, picks up one of Fred's swords, and makes some rather hilarious kung-fu noises, swinging the weapon around. He throws the sword at Suzuka. The stopwatch alarm goes off. Suzuka says she'll be back tomorrow, as she wants to kill Fred at sunset.

Fred convinces Gene to be his bodyguard. Gene says he only wants 'this much' (he hands Fred a computer thing with an amount on it). Fred says that's a bargain (no one lives if Suzuka targets him). Gene takes the machine back and adds on some missiles to the bill.

Suzuka uses a wooden sword that wouldn't be picked up by the sensors--it sure caused a lot of damage, though. Fred doesn't have any caster shells for Gene (they're outdated). Gene asks if Fred will stay where he is or move. Fred suggests they track down the person who employed Suzuka and kill him or her. Gene says he wants to go sleep in a hotel--Fred offers Gene the use of his room. Gene says Suzuka won't show up for another 23 hours (those kinds of people always keep their word) and Jim, Gene, and Melfina leave.

Suzuka confronts Gene, using a shock blast from the wooden sword. Gene tells Melfina to go inside and Jim to back him up (the latter refuses). Gene runs, and Suzuka chases him. Suzuka runs after him into the street; a truck speeds near her, but instead of dodging or getting hit, she slices it in two. Gene claps. Suzuka tells Gene to stop running; Jim comes up with the car and has Gene get in. Of course, Suzuka follows.

Next shot, Suzuka is on a big tall rock tower. She says Gene's worldly desires have cost him his life. Gene takes off his cloak. Suzuka strikes, but Gene's light shields at his wrists block the sword--he catches it between his hands. He finally takes the sword and kicks it! Suzuka runs after the sword, but Gene catches the sash on her kimono and holds it--she spins and the sash comes off!

Gene catches both the sash and Suzuka's sword. Suzuka's kimono is now open; to protect her modesty, she falls to her knees and holds it shut. Gene threatens to take the sash for his collection (it smells nice ^^;) and break the sword. Gene insists that it was either a draw, or that Suzuka lost. Gene reveals that he's an outlaw, not Fred's bodyguard. Suzuka says she'll keep pursuing her contract as long as she lives. Gene says, "Well, then die!" and shoots, missing Suzuka. He says the Twilight Suzuka just died, but she won't go along with that. Gene gives her the sash and sword in payment for Fred's life. Gene says if she wants Fred dead, she'll have to kill him (Gene) first. Suzuka says that goes without saying. Gene holds her to that promise--so if she wants Fred, she'll have to track down Gene and kill him! (That way, he doesn't have to hang around with Fred, but is free to go exploring space...)

Fred subtracts the amount it would have cost for him to hire Suzuka himself and charges Gene for the rest of the weapons he wanted! (He *is* a business man, after all...) But Gene says he'll pay when he makes it big...

Everything's all tied up happily. Gene says he couldn't kill Suzuka; Suzuka says, "Gene Starwind, this isn't over!" And Gene gains another lady stalker. ^_^

. Episode 7
"Creeping Evil"

There are four different pirate groups; the Chinese guild (more specifically, the One-hundred and eight Suns) is after Gene's ship, seeking to know what happened to Hilda. This group is the most brutal of the Chinese guild; they form groups of ten or twenty, and they are led by Hazanko. This group has the senjutsu, a special power that makes them dangerous to deal with...

Gene is trying to lift off in the driver's seat of the Outlaw Star, talking with the computer (Gilliam). Finally Gilliam announces that the power's rising, to Gene's relief. Gilliam then notes that they are about to explode! There's a countdown to destruction... Cut to shot of the Outlaw Star on the dock. Gene failed to lift off in the simulation. Gilliam is not pleased that Gene can't handle even small problems manually (without his help).

The ship is still being outfitted...

Gene walks through a market and comes back home (Starwind and Hawking Enterprises--remember episode 1?). He throws a tomato to Mel and asks where Jim is. Mel says he's at the police station; his car was impounded.

Jim gets his car back. "I've found her! Ehefrau, I've found you!" he shouts gleefully, nuzzling the steering wheel. He had been in trouble because of all the parking tickets.

Gene and Melfina return to the bar that got trashed in the first episode to see Clyde. Iris hugs him, and Gene hugs her back (until Jim tells Gene to get his hand off of her backside). Clyde and Iris are both amazed that Gene is still alive; it's only been two weeks since they left. Gene introduces them to Melfina; Iris is jealous.

Gene, Jim, and Mel have drinks. Gene says they can wait for the rest of their equipment to come, but Jim says they're broke, so they have to figure out a good way to make money. There's the hard way (work on the Outlaw Star themselves), the easy way (except there's no big bounties for them to hunt), the sleazy way (Gene notes that Jim's body would sell better than his would), or they can pay when they make it big (but not even Clyde would give them credit).

Mel offers to help however she can, and Gene says she can cook. They go outside--Gene notes how nice it is to be home, even if they won't be there for long.

Back at Starwind and Hawking, Gene and Jim sleep in a bed in a loft (Gene with strategically placed sheets and his your hand, Gene... ^^;). Jim is sprawled out in little-boy fashion. Gene wakes up and goes downstairs to see Mel, who's still awake, sitting straight up on the couch. Mel leans on Gene and asks him to stay like that until she falls asleep (if she's like that, she feels like she can dream too). Gene sees her exposed legs and magically grows fangs, thinking dirty thoughts. He reaches for her, but gets whacked by a pan wielded by Jim. Gene protests that he just wanted to see how human Mel was. Jim curls up with Mel and says she's just like a mother.

The next day, Gene works on the Outlaw Star; Gilliam tells him to replace the non-regulation engine covers.

Mel reads instructions (a cookbook, probably) and tries to cook.

Jim examines some farm equipment and says it needs all new parts, but he promises that Starwind and Hawking can get the cheapest parts for it.

Gene is called in to pay more dock fees. A man asks how much longer they'll be there (they've only paid for the next three days of dock fees but haven't applied to launch yet).

An intruder comes to the ship; Gilliam tries to stop him, then calls Gene through the latter's earring.

Mel sees another pirate...

Gene runs after the intruder and shoots the elevator that Gilliam said the guy was in. But there's just supplies inside. The pirate jumps at Gene from above; Gene dodges.

Melfina runs. The pirate has a giant spiky mace-like ball attached to a long chain. He throws the mace at her, and Mel cringes, but the ball is stopped by Suzuka! Suzuka will go after the pirates if they're the Kei pirates--besides, she'd like an opportunity to put Gene in her debt. She and the pirate face off.

The pirate dodges Gene's shots outside. The pirate asks where Hilda is, and a bunch of freaky robots pop out of the ground. Gene won't tell what happened to Hilda; he takes out one robot, and blinds more with a bright flash.

Suzuka dodges a hit from the ball and uses her sword to make a huge blast of wind. The pirate tries to shock her (being a master of the senjutsu). Suzuka notes that no one has seen more than three of her secret techniques, and says it's not sunset yet. She wonders how many the pirate will see before he dies.

Gene loads a new cartridge and shoots. There are robots in the field; Gene's gun is shot out of his hand by the pirate. The pirate shoots at Gene, but Gene seems to block the shots. Gene crawls away in the crops, but he's trailing blood....

Suzuka disappears and runs at the pirate on the chain of his mace! The pirate chants and glows a deep purple/blue color. He and Suzuka run at each other. They freeze after aiming hits at each other. After a long silence, the pirate asks what it was, then falls to the ground. Suzuka tells Melfina that it's okay, and asks Mel if she can wait for Gene in the shop.

Mel says okay.

The pirate thinks Gene is dead, but a robot falls from behind a tree. Gene comes out and shoots at the pirate. There's a BIG explosion, one which takes out the tree and everything else within about thirty feet. But the pirate's still around. He gets Gene on the ground and hits him, asking to know his secrets. Gene replies, "My favorite color is red. My lucky number is one."

The pirate wants to know where Hilda is, and offers Gene a quick death in exchange for that knowledge. Gene says he'll need more than that to talk. They hear shouts in the field. Gene shoots through his cloak and the pirate retreats.

Jim drives by, whistling cheerily. He sees wreckage and the front entrance to Starwind and Hawking all destroyed. He storms inside and sees Mel and Suzuka drinking tea calmly.

It is the Kei pirates who are after Jim and Gene. Jim is confused that Suzuka would save Melfina; Suzuka says she did so because they were 'interesting.' ((er, I *think* that's what she said; it's hard to write neatly in the dark ^^;))

Jim drives to the ship. Gene is inside, working. Gilliam asks what it should do about Suzuka, as she's not a crew member; Jim tells it to let her in for the time-being.

Gene wants to launch as soon as possible. Suzuka asks what's up, and says she might help if they're fighting the Kei pirates. Gene says all they can do is fight, and then falls. Jim touches Gene's back and gets blood on his hand!

"I patched it up," says Gene in true manly-man fashion, "but I guess I didn't do it right."

. Episode 8
"Forced Departure"

Gene is lying in bed, shirtless and panting. Suzuka says he's been poisoned--maybe by the enemy, to make them negotiate. "If his blood isn't cleansed, he'll die." If they leave the ship, the pirates will give them the antidote. Gene tells them not to do it (he knows they won't let them go that easily)--Jim ends negotiations.

Suzuka agrees that they can't negotiate; she's not even sure the pirates have an antidote, but she things they should steal it. Mel takes Gene out of the ship. The enemy (one of those freaky long-armed things) shows up. Jim gets in the pilot's seat, although the ship can't run as well without Gene. Jim talks to the guy--he's very worried for Gene.

Gene flashes back. "Dad, I've learned all the controls!" Gene's ship gets whacked by a grappler; Gene's dad pushes him into an escape pod. "I want you to live, Gene!" The pod goes flying off.

Gene thinks, "I'm alone," but is called by Melfina, who's naked (as is Gene). Mel says she'll heal them and holds out her hand--Gene reluctantly offers his. They shakes hands (still naked), and their hands glow. Mel is behind Gene; she hugs him. She says she can be of some use to him (she can save him).

Back outside, some long-armed mecha (the pirates' mechanized soldiers) are approaching--they are piloted by people. Beams won't go through the mecha, and they're too close to use missiles.

Fred calls--the Kei pirates are going to Sentinel III. The pirates mean to start a big fuss! (Fred had helped the pirates for money, but then called to warn Gene because he likes them. ^^;)

Jim screams, wondering what to do, but Gene and Mel come back. Gene's wounds haven't closed, but Melfina removed the poison. Gene thinks Mel, who blushes.

The mecha are trying to get in. Gene takes the pilot seat (in boxers), while Mel gets in her chamber. Gene uses grappler arms to pick a mecha off and throw it. The mecha explodes. He squashes another one and throws it, but the boss is still okay--he gets out of the way... But Suzuka's atop a crane--she jumps at the mecha and whacks it twice with her sword, breaking it--the boss gets out just in time.

"Show-off," says Gene.

Suzuka says it's over; the boss begs to be spared, but puts his hand up and shoots at her with his arm. Suzuka takes him.

Gene praises Suzuka and cracks his own neck, and says they're gonna blast off--but the ground control doesn't want to let him (there was a disturbance). Gene wants to blast off without guidance from the control tower...

Gene dresses (minus the cloak) and prepares to take off.

"My crew is a bunch of lunatics," says Gilliam.

Cops come and say they'll arrest Gene. Gene says, "I guess we can't come back to Sentinel," and asks Suzuka if that's okay. She says she'll accompany him. Gene tells the police if they stop them, they'll get burned, and, amid protests from the control tower, prepares to blast off.

It's 30 seconds 'til launch. Gene thinks a goodbye to Hilda. The ship blasts off, breaking the loading docks/stairs/etc.

Flashback--Gene tells his dad when he grows up, he'll be a pilot.

In space--they've launched! Gene hits his face and says of course they made it--"I'm awesome whatever I do!"

"Yeah, whatever," says Jim.

But Gilliam interjects that ships are closing in on them! They're pirate Grappler ships. Gene's never shut the Manipulators, but if he releases the safeties, they'll arm themselves. Gene uses a nifty thing that projects images onto his eye to see (and Jim scatters the camera pods so Gene can see all sides). The enemy shoots missiles, and Jim shoots anti-missiles. Gene gets out the grappler arm--with a gun! He shoots and hits one of the ships--its control pod deploys, though. Gene has to swap magazines (he's out of shots) and goes at the pirates hand-to-hand.

He takes out one guy, but there's still one left, and Gene's engine two is experiencing irregularities. The other captain is mad, because Gene killed his men. The Outlaw Star goes at the other ship. Gene shoots at him, and the other guy shoots missiles, which the OLS dodges. The OLS gets the last guy, who admits Gene is pretty good before exploding. The Outlaw Star leaves combat mode. Gene says that was a good workout and wants to hit the shower. Melfina praises Gene, who praises her back.

Heifeng is where Gene wants to go (there's Bin (sp?) pirates landing there, so the Kei pirates won't follow). Suzuka says maybe not; Jim says there's big cities there, so they can get a job (it's expensive to have a ship!). It's 20 light years away, but they set a course there.

Episode 10
"Gathering for the Space Race"

In the Space Race, corporate ships and private pilots with corporate sponsors fly dangerous races, competing for fame, not money.

The OLS pulls into Heifong. Jim complains that since it's an urban planet, port fees will be expensive, but Gene says things will work out.

The gang is on a train--Jim looks out and is impressed with the city. Gene tells him not to be so excited (it's embarrassing) but then he looks out the window and he, too, is impressed.

Gene's decided they're entering the space race. Gene and Jim talk to an entry lady about it--Gene wants to see data on just one other ship in the race, but the lady says that wouldn't be fair--so Gene asks for the lady to give him her phone number (to Jim's annoyance). The lady says Gene knows the office phone number. Participation in the race costs a $150,000 wong entry fee. Jim and Gene stare, and Gene gets angry that no pilot could enter such a race. The lady suggests they find a sponsor (it would be good advertising for a company). Gene mouths off to the lady and says they'll enter the race...but he doesn't know how.

They eat at a noodle stand. Gene wants to enter to use the race as advertisement (as no money is awarded for winning), and, Gene things MacDougall is in the race--he has to enter to make sure. Gene asks Suzuka if he can borrow the money, but she subscribes to the notion 'neither a borrower nor a lender be.' She leaves (she'll come back after the race).

They have to go to the Luo Company headquarters. Fred happens to be on Heifong; he'd be glad to sponsor Gene. If they finish in the top three, he'll pay for it (if they make 4th place or less, they'll owe him even more money!). Gene says he needs 400,000 wong; Fred easily agrees, but he gives Gene an extremely girly yellow and pink jumpsuit to wear in the winners' circle. (He doesn't have one for Melfina; they shouldn't be parading her around, since the Kei pirates are looking for all of them, but especially Melfina.) As they leave, the security guard tells Gene not to screw up. Gene's surprised the guard (who usually hates Gene) is cheering for him, but the bodyguard wants Gene to return 'the young master's love!

They leave the planet. Gilliam says that this is how a space launch should be--civilized planets are wonderful. But Gilliam is confused about the space race, and why Suzuka isn't with them. At the outer-space docks, Gene looks at all the ships and doesn't see MacDougall's; Jim wants to go to the pre-race party. Melfina isn't with them.

On the ship, Melfina has Gilliam access Heifong's largest database; she wants to look up who she is and why she was created. Gilliam isn't permitted to think about himself, but he understands; he says he'll help.

At the pre-race party, they announce that there are 13 corporate ships and 27 private ships, all competing for honor. Gene still wonders if MacDougall is there. He asks a lady for a drink--she turns around, revealing herself to be Aisha! She throws her tray down.

Aisha springs back and is ready to take her revenge. She thanks the god of all Ctarl--she had to hitchhike across all space to find him, and wound up on Heifong with a waitress job...

Her boss tells her to behave herself. He nods and a couple men drag her off. The boss says if Aisha makes any more scenes, she won't get paid.

On the Outlaw Star, Gilliam says he can't find any information. Melfina smiles and says it's okay. Gilliam promises they'll find out about Melfina; Melfina says Gene promised that, too. Gene and Jim come back; Jim brought Melfina some food.

It's 12 hours 'til the race; they have to get ready.

Gene details the path of the race (there's checkpoints, etc.). Gilliam says that since they're in a race, they ought to go for it and win it. He says no ship is better than the Outlaw Star. Jim is worried--they have to make the top three--but he's excited that if they win they get 200,000 wong profit!

A Ctarl-Ctarl ship has entered. Aisha is on board and wants them to win (the people in the ship have to obey; she's an Imperial Officer).

Harry Williams with his ship the El Dorado has finally arrived--it's the favorite, and Gene thinks he recognizes the ship. Harry is a confident-looking guy with green hair tied back by a pink bow. Gene tries to talk to Harry, but Harry won't answer. Gene wants to catch up with that ship, but they'd be caught by the race officials--Gene decides they can wait.

Suzuka is in a casino. She sees the Outlaw Star on a TV screen and snaps her fingers. A guy in a tuxedo comes up to her. She bets 20,000 on the Outlaw Star.

An old guy with glasses recognizes the Outlaw Star's model.

The Outlaw Star finally launches to start the race (they had been delayed because the ships can't all launch together). It's 230 million kilometers to the end... It takes 14 hours to reach the first checkpoint (for top ships), and the Outlaw Star is behind because they started in the middle. The checkpoint is in-between two revolving planets. The other ships are going up over the planets and down to hit the checkpoint (so they don't get hit by the planets!) but if they time it right, they can go straight through. But this will cause a tidal effect... Gene decides to do it the hard, faster way. They near, but a massive wave closes in on them from the first planet. There's no escape route, and the checkpoint will be swallowed by the wave...

. Episode 11
"Adrift in Subspace"

There's no escape route, and the checkpoint will be swallowed up--Gene says they have to plow right through it (the Outlaw Star is the fastest ship in the galaxy). They make it through.

Gilliam tells Gene to put down the engine outputs; they're in sixth place. Now they have 500,000,000 kilometers to reach Heifong V.

Suzuka is on the beach, listening to radio announcements of the race and sipping a drink.

Back on the ship, Jim is sleeping. Gene wakes him; they're near a maintenance station--they're supposed to stop for an hour and maintenance the ship, but the ship's fine. Gene suggests they maintenance themselves. They pull into the station, and Gene notices MacDougall's ship.

Inside the restaurant, Gene approaches the crew of the El Dorado and asks for MacDougall--no one with that name is there, though. Gene picks Harry up by his collar and asks why the pirates want the XGP and why his people want to destroy it. Harry calls for help from the race officials and Gene leaves, pushing Harry down.

Gene asks if Harry was MacDougall, he can't ignore him any more. The El Dorado leaves, but it's 11 minutes until the Outlaw Star can leave. Harry gets data on Gene's ship. Fred watches the race on TV, but it doesn't cover private ships.

Aisha's ship approaches the third checkpoint. Harry pilots the El Dorado to gain time; Aisha pushes buttons randomly and announces a sneak attack on the Outlaw Star.

"With a single machine gun?" one of the pilots asks--it's a trading ship. Aisha goes for the last resort.

The Outlaw Star is going through the more dangerous of two possible checkpoints (of course)--they have to rely on their eyes, not the instruments. Gene takes the shortest route through a bunch of asteroids and clears it. Another ship has a mayday--the guy abandoned ship. Jim says the course's marshall will pick him up soon, but Gene says they should help him. Jim says that's not like Gene; Gene says it's no fun to drift through space all alone. He goes out in a spacesuit (getting dizzy as he exits), and brings the drifter inside. The drifter takes off an opaque helmet--it's Aisha!

Aisha asks if the MacDougall brothers have the key to the Galactic Leyline--Gene says they know more than he does. He tells Aisha to go back but she won't leave until she gets her info. She looks around the ship, fascinated. "This is one strange ship. It won't move if you're not naked?"

"Geez, one cat-girl shows up and everything goes out of whack," Gene comments.

Suzuka takes a bath while listening to the race on TV.

Aisha reclines in a seat. The ship starts to form a sub-ether bubble--but there are objects coming in--missiles? They can't do anything; it's 18 seconds until they hit subether, but 16 seconds until impact. Gene says he'll shake the missiles. Aisha asks what's going on. They hit sub-ether right as the missiles hit.

The El Dorado shows up; its crew is impressed. Harry says the Outlaw Star will probably disintegrate. The ship was an eyesore to him and his brother.

The Outlaw Star has a lot of stress on it and is unsafe; Gene cuts the engine systems by removing the key. The ship goes dark, but everyone's OK. The ship runs on auxiliary power, and Gene puts the key back in. They're now safely back in normal space.

Aisha says the ship is stronger than she thought, and Gilliam notes that he is the most advanced and intelligent ship in the galaxy.

The ship has life support intact, but the ether drive and two Newton reactors are not. But, the sub-ether drive's working, except the reactors are not working.. The ether drive is too slow. The gang looks despondent.

Aisha complains about their lack of enthusiasm--they can't give up! She says you need guts to swim in a stream. Gene realizes they can go in the ether stream (any normal ship would break in the ether stream, but the Outlaw Star can make it out of one...). Jim doesn't want to hear it, as usual; everyone else trusts Gene.

The ship enters its grappler arm mode and puts up its shields.

The El Dorado gets through checkpoint 4 in 4th place, but there's an ether stream around Heifong I, so the Outlaw Star will do better than 1st. The Outlaw Star gets out of the ether stream and goes through the checkpoint--they're in 1st place for a minute, but wind up in 3rd, until another ship finishes with a faster time; the Outlaw Star is fourth. Suzuka tears up her ticket. But, they are first in the Privateer category. Aisha and Jim wear the outfits Fred provided the Outlaw Star crew with earlier; they have the Luo name prominently displayed on the back. Fred says he'll give them half the money, 200,000. The El Dorado drops out of the race, but left Gene a communication cube...

. Episode 12
"Mortal Combat with the El Dorado"

Everyone who knows more than mere rumors about the MacDougall brothers is dead.

(The first several minutes of this flip back and forth between the past and the present in generally well-timed transitions, but I couldn't get that to work her; it was too confusing. ^_^;)

The El Dorado had dropped out of the race, but left a communication cube. It told the Outlaw Star crew to meet them at Leone Language Point in 50 hours; if they beat the El Dorado, they will tell them everything they wanted to know. Aisha demands to come along with Gene and company; they ruined her odds of moving up in the world. She's searching for the Galactic Leyline, a huge treasure she wants to get. Gene says it's a gate; Aisha claims it's made out of Dragonite. Gene says they can't take Aisha, but she says if they know about the Galactic Leyline, she's definitely coming.

They walk out on a bridge; a doctor-ish looking man who's a race official named Gwen Khan asks where they got their ship. He says a lot of repetitive things, and Gene says they found it as a "derelict with no owner"--Gwen says there's no problem, and Gene and company walk by. But Gwen stops them and says he wants the ship to be--nothing, nothing at all, and walks off.

So, the Outlaw Star is looking for the El Dorado, but they're in a magnetic field (as is the El Dorado). Radar is no good in a magnetic field, so they need to use their eyes; Aisha volunteers. The ship is functioning okay (its repairs were done hastily, but they are done). There are missiles coming from 9 o' clock, according to Gilliam; Jim spots the El Dorado.

Harry suggests they have a one-on-one duel; Gene doesn't object, but complains that this is MacDougall's home territory. Harry promises he's not from around Heifong.

Gene says the traps won't work in an asteroid field and goes ahead, asking Aisha to watch their back. Melfina detects missiles; the Outlaw Star dodges. Harry has accurate missiles; Gene wants to make it a close-quarters fight. They see the El Dorado, which disappears and reappears behind them! The Outlaw Star dodges more missiles. Gene asks if the El Dorado is more maneuverable than the Outlaw Star; Gilliam assures him it's not. The MacDougall brothers won't come at Gene from the front; missiles come at the Outlaw Star from both sides! Gene uses a grappling arm with a gun to shoot the missiles before they hit the ship. Gene pants and realizes he'll have to go all out against Harry.

Missiles come from 9:00 and 3:00; Gene shoots most of them, but one hits the ship. Gene thinks MacDougall will be out of missiles soon, and then the Outlaw Star can win. The Outlaw Star crew argues. Melfina says the bridge is getting hot, isn't it? Gilliam lowers the temperature in the ship.

Jim wants to use cameras, while Aisha says they should plow in and crush MacDougall. Gene says if Aisha doesn't shut up, he'll throw her out. He ponders, and politely asks Aisha to do him a favor--let him throw her off the ship.

Harry has 24% of his missiles left. He tells an underling to make sure the Outlaw Star crew doesn't figure out that there's another ship. Outside the Outlaw Star, Aisha spots MacDougall's ship! It has Grappler arms, too! The Outlaw Star and El Dorado grapple; Harry has four arms, two of which punch the Outlaw Star while the Outlaw Star's two are locked with two of El Dorado's. "Die, die, die, die!" says Harry.

The Outlaw Star gets its arms free and catches the El Dorado. Gene tells Jim to take control and goes through a drill tunnel which pierces into the El Dorado.

Gene comes in the El Dorado with a gun; he shoots a guy in the leg. The guy falls and says, "That hurt!"--Gene realizes it's not MacDougall. Gene uses a smoke bomb and shoots someone in the arm, and asks him where MacDougall is. He falls. Gene knocks down a door and pulls a gun on Harry; Harry puts his hands up--but he has a shiny chip on the back of his neck.

Gilliam is being hacked into; he goes into protective mode and says 'good night.' Melfina seems to be in trouble, too.

Harry's employers wanted the XGP destroyed; he says he doesn't ask his employers why they want what they want. The pirates are involved with the Galactic Leyline--but Harry is going to trash the computer.....he sees Melfina, naked. She asks him to stay away, and Harry laughs wickedly.

Gene shoots the chip off of Harry's neck, and shoots Harry's arm. Harry whines. Gene holds his gun to Harry's forehead and asks why they destroyed his dad's ship six years ago. Harry protests that 6 years ago, he was only 12! Gene asks where Harry's brother is. Jim (through Gene's earring) says there's another El Dorado! Harry goes nuts and says he'll destroy them. But there's two ships; that's why the El Dorado could be 'more maneuverable.' One of the El Dorados explodes! The Outlaw Star follows the other, which blows up a large asteroid. Gilliam says they're in danger and asks them to take evasive action.

Harry's brother bandages him, who cries and whine--the brother tell shim to be a MacDougall man and promises they'll do worse than that to whoever did that to him. Harry remembers 'that woman'...

Gene says they have to go back to Heifong and try again; he apologizes to Melfina for losing another lead.

Aisha whines to be picked up (she's still in space!); Gene decides to (otherwise, she'll haunt him again). Melfina thinks of Harry MacDougall...

Episode 13
"Advance Guard From Another World"

In the past, humans encountered six different alien races. They now get along with the Ctarl Ctarl, and some other races, but not all of them...

The laundry is hung out to dry at Starwind and Hawking. Gene answers the phone, but replies that the cargo the caller wants to ship is too big for the Outlaw Star. The responses to the ads Jim put on the net are also rather poor, but they need a job for money. (Gilliam notes that parking is expensive.)

The doorbell rings. Gene thinks it's a customer, but it's Aisha, who laughs at him. But she did bring a job, exterminating an animal in the sewers. Jim and Gene ignore her. But it's a legitimate job for 500 wong. Gene and Jim nod at each other...and throw Aisha out. Aisha says she'll do it herself.

Fred comes on the computer to tell them about a job--his business associate had his cargo disappear. The cops can't solve it;he lost a new species of insect that they were smuggling in. The job pays 700 up front and 2000 for success. Gene won't take it, but Jim says he'll do it himself. Melfina offers to go along.

Gene complains about being left alone. Gilliam says he's still there; Gene doesn't care. He gets a call. The caller asks if they solve problems, and wants to know why the guy who's next to him gets a lot of business selling bad ice cream. Gene isn't interested. He gets the phone book and calls a woman for dinner (to Gilliam's dismay).

The stolen cargo was taken from an alien. The items stolen were a rare insect and plant that looks just like a cactus. The alien did not apply for import entry, not because they are dangerous, but because it would simply take too long to get through all the red tape.

Aisha is in the sewer, looking for an animal. She was escorted by a guy, but he left. She calls aloud for the monster to stay put and laughs. A shot comes at her...

Jim comes back home. Gene's gone; Suzuka's there sipping tea. She asks how business is going; Jim says it's OK. Jim says he'll check pet shops; Melfina will check the spaceports to see what happened five days ago, when the cargo went missing. Suzuka leaves, saying, "Give my regards to Gene."

Gene is in an indoor street/mall wearing an awful '70s suit and sunglasses. He meets a girl (Claire) who's amazed that he placed fourth in the Space Race. Gene suggests she pick a place to eat, and they both feel like having ice cream. She goes off to buy it (for his fourth place finish). Gene sees the guy who called him on the phone. Claire and Gene try the ice cream, but it's not great. There's a cactus-looking plant in the ice cream stand...

At the spaceport, the chain-link fence had been bent (they fixed it). The missing bug is a meter long (maybe it did escape on its own?)--but there's holes leading to the sewer...

Aisha walks through the sewer, and gets caught in webbing. There's a giant egg-shaped thing on the roof...

Jim calls about the sewer job; he wants to know how the sewer is connected to the spaceport.

Gene still ponders the ice cream vendor. He says he used to live on Sentinel. He gets a call on his earring; Jim says they have to stop Aisha or they won't get their 2000 wong. In the sewer, Aisha hisses at the egg thing. Jim mentions the cactus-looking plant; Gene looks at it. It emits an awful noise that hurts everyone's ears, as the sewer egg opens. A bug springs out of the sewer, with Aisha on its back. Gene draws his gun and tells Claire to stand back. Gene shoots.

The bug comes back towards him after passing him; Gene banks the shot off a sign and hits the bug's head. Then they pause. Jim and Aisha argue over whether to kill or catch the bug. Melfina has been sensing high-frequency waves; Jim walks towards the cactus, and Gene shoots wildly. Jim picks up the cactus, and says in a low voice, "You may call me Great One." Jim brags about his power, says he should be ruler of the universe, and said it was with the ice cream to observe and experiment. Jim desperately cries out to Gene ("Aniki!") and Melfina approaches them. The cactus says to halt, but its power doesn't work on Melfina. Jim cries in fear. Melfina slaps the cactus away and breaks the pot--it cries to be picked up. Jim says not to squish the cactus (they want the 2000) but Melfina does anyway, while it protests that it's a higher species.

Sirens wail. Aisha jumps in the sewer to go kill the bug.

Gene is surprised Melfina stood up to the plant's power; she says she's not like normal people. But Gene happily notes that that's what saved Jim.

Back at Starwind and Hawking, Jim notes he only got the 700 wong. He asks how Gene did; he says he would've done well but the mess got in the way. (Otherwise he would've scored for sure!) Suzuka comes and offers them a job at a Wild West theme park show. Jim and Gene throw her out.

Jim answers the phone--they have to be a tugboat. Gene says to take it; something will come up soon...

Gene I have a Job for you, what is it, KILL JAR JAR BINKS.