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Outlaw Star, The Space Ara


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In memory of Hilda


Name: Hilda
Age: 20
Sex: android (female)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 132 lb.
Blood type: AB

Hilda died in the 4th episode. But she stole the XGP from the K Pirates.

Hilda is a mercenary and has a lot of experience in space. She's a crack pilot and one tough customer. Even Gene has difficulty standing up to her. Don't let her beauty fool you. Hilda is clever, manipulative and steely-eyed in the face of danger. When we first meet her, Hilda is on the run from evil space pirates. She's kidnapped the winsome android called Melfina, and her life is in danger. Disguising herself as "Rachel," Hilda hires Gene and Jim to be her bodyguards. Now they're in trouble, too!